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A Thirsty Silence

She was waiting for his response, for some validation. Yet, secretly aware that she created him just to hurt herself.
Still, waiting just the same.
Hoping it might turn out different this time.
Hoping her beauty or charm would be the catalyst for a new game. A new love. A new kind of hurt.
Like a mosquito attracted to electric shock, she followed his smile down the forbidden hallway.
He’s a smooth mood talker. A beautiful mirage flashing his gorgeous body around like a politician on a winning streak. Painting pictures for her gaze, trapping her in the paint.
Now there is only silence, leaving her to lust alone, feel dirty alone. Feel the weight of their sin alone.
But, it never happened, they were never there.
Just another dry patch of sand in the desert holding no water, no answers, no relief.
In the end it’s only silence, thirsty silence.

~Trisha Lurie

So you want to paint your surfboard?

I made a little how-to video on my youtube on spray painting your surfboard :)

How to spray paint your surfboard with stencils, spraypaint and paint pens. A step by step guide to getting cool art on your board.
See more of my art and music through these links:)

Dead Beat

“DEAD BEAT” For all my rockers… a little music treat for this lovely wednesday. I have put up some of my new songs off the album on my soundcloud. Feel free to share and to buy the song on iTunes and Amazon, Google Play ext.

In fact go big and grab the whole album :) here iTunes 





Click the link :)

Good morning! Here is a cool little music spotlight on my album today:) Check it out :)

Behind the Scenes – Filming – Dark Side – Trisha Lurie

Trisha Lurie – Dark Side – Romancing Neptune
Official music video for Dark Side, a single off Trisha Lurie’s debut indie rock album titled, Romancing Neptune.…

Directed by Alec Cartio.
Director of Photography – Mike McMillin
Gaffer – Kevin Soto
1st Ac – Mike Lopez
Electric – Allan Lira
Hair/makeup – Sharle
Hair/PA – Jacqulin James
PA – Keith Higgins
PA – Wendy Violet.

Associate Producers, Randy Leslie, John Rueb, Simon Thorpe and Chris Wolfe

Location: Poodle Parlor, LA

Featuring Robert Kantor Guitar, art by Trisha Lurie.
Suhr Guitar, custom art by Trisha Lurie

Produced By Pete Thorn, Engineered/Mixed by Bob Clearmountain, additional engineering and music writing by Pete Thorn. Mastered by Ross Nyberg, Lyrics by Trisha Lurie, Vocals by Trisha Lurie, Guitars by Pete Thorn, Bass by Jon Button and drums by Erik Eldenius.
Standard YouTube License

For a limited time… signed 8×10’s

Hey guys For a limited time I am selling these signed 8×10 @ 23$ including shipping to US and 26$ international If you are interested just send me a message with your email, address and how you want it signed.. I will shoot you a paypal request and send you your photo
8x10 album art


Romancing Neptune

Trisha Lurie one-sheet


Roland and Trisha Lurie…

Check out this awesome new acoustic amp by Roland. I did this ad for the their product launch using a stripped down acoustic track of my upcoming album. You can get the full song on iTunes if you dig it. :) Feel free to show some youtube love :)

Some new shots from Ray Gutierrez and I :)







Here is a song off my debut album about to be released this Spring 2013!

Rampage- Trisha Lurie

While I have you here….

please feel free to check out the single on iTunes “Rampage” off my new album Romancing Neptune that is about to be released. #Rock and Roll!!

Click this :)


Getting All Domestic

Making some organic gluten free Pumpkin and Apple Crumb PiesMaking some organic gluten free Pumpkin and Apple crumb pies

Getting all domestic and shit :)


Update... this amp shell has been sold but, I am doing more and am down for commissioned art as well, so… hit me up :)

Hey guys, here is a new custom painted amp shell I just finished. This particular amp is the “Mohawk Sugar Skull” theme. If you look closely, there are different sugar skulls layered throughout the design as a back ground and for texture and then of course the two mohawk sugar skulls in the front. This shell features gold piping and handle details so, I incorporated some gold into the design to tie it all together. I put in a ton of hours and passion into every art piece because I really love doing it. Besides the basic stencils that I design, hand cut and spray paint, all of the work is hand painted making each piece completely original in every way. I pour my heart into it.

This shell will fit a Friedman BE100, Suhr SL68 and many other amps using a Marshall plexi-type  chassis, like a Marshall Super Lead or Super Bass type amp chassis, or similar (kits or builds from Mojo, Metro, etc.)

I am selling this “Mohawk Sugar Skull” shell for 650 plus shipping :) update.. it’s been sold

As you know custom painted guitars have been around for a long time, music is a very personal experience and custom gear is a visual way to express that, plus it’s completely individual, no one will have that same guitar.  After I painted my first custom amp, I realized that this is something that others might want as well, I haven’t seen many custom painted amps around, let alone matching themed cabs as well. So, I plan to change that.

This is the first of a series of one of a kind custom standard Marshall style amp shells. My plan is to do a small series of hand painted amps and see how it goes. I can work with individuals to base the design off of a general direction they are wanting as well as paint amps based off designs that I have created. I am also wanting to paint matching cabs for the amp shells, if one wanted to go all out.

For me, marrying my two passions, music and art, by custom painting guitars, amps, cabinets etc. is like the perfect relationship. I hope this is something that people like and I am looking forward to seeing where it leads.

Please feel free to check out more of my art on my music/artist website

And if you didn’t know, I am about to release my debut indie rock album, check out the single ‘RAMPAGE’  on iTunes

If you are interested in getting some of my custom art on your gear you can email me at

Below are some photos of custom painted gear that I have done, all of it is already owned so you’ll have to get your own, haha. But, I wanted to give a little example of my style.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Feeling pretty damn excited about this album and guilty about the cupcake.

I was up late last night researching management companies and how to get an independent artist page up on iTunes/Ping and the best ways to promote an independent debut album etc. All the while it’s 2am, my kid is fast asleep, I’m eating this giant, delicious, gluten-free cupcake all by myself and my date for the night is my iPad….it was then I realized, two things. One, it’s apparent I live alone since I would never pig out on a cupcake at 2am if anyone was watching and two, I actually have an album that is getting mixed and in a short time I’m going to have a bonafide, debut full on rock album on the market! One that I am proud of and feeling really lucky to have almost finished. If you would have told me, one year ago, that I was going to do a fundraiser to get an album made with amazing musicians like Pete Thorn, Blair Sinta, Jon Button, Erik Eldenius, Mike Ruggirello, Bill Delia and Engineer/mixer like Bob Clearmountain…..I would have not believed you. But, with the support of really dear friends and fans I was able to get enough funding to get started on something I have wanted to do since I was a little girl. Of course this album is costing more than I expected or raised but that is how the cookie crumbles. There is no way I could have done it without Pete though! I am so lucky that he produced, played and co-wrote this thing with me. I couldn’t ask for more and feel completely honored that everyone involved wanted to make this album with me.
Now it’s time for me to make them proud to have done this with me. Also everyone that helped me fund this by pre-ordering the album, shirts, art etc. I want to make you guys proud to have been a part of making this album possible too! My next job is to get really, really good P.R and a real management team behind me to get this shit out there! As soon as its finished getting mixed by Clearmountain and mastered by Ross Nyberg, my goal is to release it and promote it in the best way possible. As we all know, it is hard to be a successful independent or any kind of artist these days. I am open to a label major or independent to take it to the next level and I hope something like that will come to fruition with some good promotion and management.
So, now it’s a whole new game for me…. I’ve got this product, now what :)
As promised, everyone who donated will be getting the album as soon as it’s finished and before it’s available on the market as well as all the rewards you chose. Please be patient with me as dive into the giant process of fulfilling everyone’s rewards at the same time releasing and promoting an album, oh yeah and playing the roll of a single momma in LA, and coming up with money to pay my bills, haha, I’ve been a busy lady. I really do want everyone that has been a part of making this happen to know how thankful I am! This really has been a dream come true. And to everyone else who is waiting on the album, it will be out as soon as I have a game winning promotion plan :) Trust me, I can’t wait to launch this thing.
So, that’s it for my album update.. Stay tuned :)
P.S. If you are or know any amazing, music managers, P.R or any other media outlet that could be helpful to make this a success… please feel free to let me know!
Thanks for your love and support! xo Trisha

Check it out on iTunes

The Dark Side, sample/demo song for my new album.

This song has been re-recorded, so this is our sample demo. It will be basically the same but better :) It will be on the album and re-released when it is mixed and mastered. Basically this is a sample of what is to to come :) Hope you enjoy..

I’ve been recording at Berkeley St. Studios with Clearmountain, Pete Thorn and some kick ass players like Blair Sinta, Jon Button and Erik Eldenius, here are some photos

I wanted to have a photographer come in and get some really cool shots but that didn’t really work out so here are a few from the phone :) haha this is the making of my debut album “Romancing Neptune” fun times! Lucky for me, photos or not, I am working with Bob Clearmountain ( google if you don’t know already :), Pete Thorn (Chris Cornell, Don Henley, Melissa Etheridge, Courtney Love, Draco, Five For Fighting, etc.),  Blair Sinta (Alanis Morissette, Pedestrian, Melissa Etheridge, etc.)  Jon Button (Shakira, Corrs, Michelle Branch, Roger Daltrey, Sharyl Crow etc.)  Erik Eldenius (Dilana, Billy Idol, Donna Summer, etc.) and of course myself. making sexy rock and roll!

Here are my poster samples…. Long Live Rock & Roll!

This is a sample of what my debut album “Romancing Neptune” poster will be like. It will have better txt :) and a different photo from this shoot, but this is a good example of what is to come :) If you want to download my new song, on the house (or donate a buck for the download) “The Dark Side” just go to link and click on the cassette!
You can also pre-order my album or pre-order the POSTER! I really need your support in this so please feel free to rock this with me :)

photo by Robert Alvarado

From my ‘In the Tub’ Coffee Table Book Shoot with TJ Scott

From my ‘In the Tub’ Coffee Table Book Shoot with TJ Scott (Profits to Breast Cancer Research)

She Curled Into It

If I Only Knew, slideshow

A New Shoot With Ray Gutierrez :)

Last Nights Show photo blog :)

Romancing Neptune at Harvelle’s 4-17-12 more to come

My New Song “If I Only Knew” is available on iTunes :)

Click the Link to go to store :)

“If I Only Knew” by Trisha Lurie was Produced by Pete Thorn, Vocals: Trisha Lurie, Bass: Jon Button, Piano: Will Hollis, Percussion: Bill Delia and Guitars: Pete Thorn. Mixed by Bob Clearmountain.

Photo By Simon Thorpe

The making of the song :)


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