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Random facts about me :)

trisha Lurie

photo Sean Hartgrove

1. I love with all my heart, almost to a fault, but refuse to stop, no matter how much that can hurt.
2. Love being warm
3. Eating pretzels right now
4.  I am part Cherokee
5. Want to live in Spain for a year one day and learn how to speak perfect Spanish
6. Think that traveling is the greatest form of learning and growing
7. Love to speed and never get tickets 😉 knock on wood!
8. Feel bad about speeding and slow down…
9. Want to make music the rest of my life
10. Feel music in every inch of my soul and couldn’t live with out it.
11. When I love, it is as deep as the sea.
12. Believe that the deepest level of love comes from pure unconditional love
13. Love being a mommy
14. Will give everything I can to those I love
15. Have a thing for crows
16. If I have another child want to name him or her Raven 🙂
16. Hate cardboard and the feeling of newspaper
17. I love the sound of windshield whippers
18. Prefer to write when it is raining
19. Think that plastic bags should be illegal
20. Believe in true love and believe I will find mine!
21. Think a picnic is the most romantic thing ever…
22. I love Yerba Matte
23. Still don’t like to say “Tall” or “Grande” for a coffee and completely addicted
24. Believe that we can turn our environmentally destructive ways around
25. Love long baths
26. Love a good massage even more
27. Will never have enough shoes
28. Love antiques
29. Love sand in between my toes
30. Lived on Oahu for a couple years
31. Miss it a lot
32. Want to have a home in Costa Rica with a recording studio
33. Want to live 1/2 the year there
34. Love camping
35. Love to meditate
36. Believe in the law of attraction
37. Super confident about who I am
38. Love odd numbers
39. Have a thing for yellow roses
40. and the smell of Gardenias
41. love to research
42. Have the coolest Family…. ever
43. I like dark chocolate with chilies in it
44. Love chewy brownies
45. Love Sushi! love love love it
46. Wish more people smiled
47. Need a tan right now
48. Love the show Dexter and true blood
49. I am a little psychic, maybe a lot.
50. Believe that all things have energy and a frequency
51. Wanted to be a weather reporter when I was little
52. Wish that I was surfing right now
53. Feel like a fish in the water
54. love learning something new ever day
55. LOVE Christmas… love it
56. Love cooking and baking
57. hate doing dishes
58. But love having a clean happy home
59. Love my friends… feel really lucky to have them
60. Favorite color is black
61. Like green too
62. Like the idea of soul mates
63. Want to get married one day
64. Think I deserve the best and wont settle
65. Want to teach my son that he deserves the best
66. Think that being a mother is the most important thing I do.
67. Hope I am doing a good job
68. believe my dreams will come true
69. Even the giant ones…
70. love the way seagulls cry
72. Love the sound of ships on a foggy morning
73. Think catching a wave is a beautiful gift from the sea
74. Want to do my part to protect our oceans
75. Want to protect the environment for our children
76. Believe there is no punishment great enough for those who hurt children
77. Would die for my son
78. feel like the luckiest mom on earth
79. Talk to much
80. Still get butterflies like a little girl when I am excited
81. Think I can live to 150 yrs. old
82. Might be an alien
83. Hate racism
84. Believe all men, women and children are equal no matter what race, sexual preference, age and amount of material objects they have collected or money they slave to.
85. Can have a food orgasm and a music orgasm… not kidding
86. Love all orgasms
87. Want to learn how to hang glide
88. Love to paint
89. Should paint more
90. Wish I didn’t have to sleep
91. Have a hard time falling a sleep because I have so much I want to do.
92. Love the feeling of sleeping once I give in 🙂
93. Still believe in Fairy Tales…
94. Super Sexual
95. Think making love is so beautiful and special.
96. Feel beautiful when I wake up, know my beauty has Nothing to do with the way I look.
97. Feel lucky and happy for every day
98. Only want to surround my self with people who feel the same way
99. Happy that I am who I am… no matter the hardships it took to make me who I am.
100. Still learning how to forgive.

4 responses

  1. please come to alabama…seriously,good to know there are good ones left

    February 27, 2010 at 10:25 am

  2. please come to alabama…but seriously,good to know there is good ones left…FYI,think you’re bonita,mucho

    February 27, 2010 at 10:29 am

  3. Here’s to metaphorically, but never physically, killing two birds with one stone – 50 and 54.

    Before my current journey, I studied quantum mechanics, the behavior of submicroscopic particles; atoms, electrons, photons, etc. Quantum mechanics states that ALL matter behaves as both particles and waves – just like the waves in the ocean, the waves of submicroscopic particles have a wavelength and thus, frequency. You experienced this principle when you heated and exploded your glass container – at a certain temperature the heating element becomes “red-hot.” It becomes “red-hot” (and not “green-hot” or “purple-hot”) because the energy put into it, in the form of heat, causes it to emit a particular frequency of light that happens to be red. If you continue to put more energy into it, the frequency of light emitted will continue to increase, resulting in the familiar color progression of orange, yellow, white, and finally blue.

    Hopefully you learned something new and weren’t terribly bored in the process!… Or you may already have known that and I just wasted a few minutes of your time.

    March 15, 2010 at 2:12 pm

    • Thank you 🙂 I enjoyed your comment!

      March 15, 2010 at 9:22 pm

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