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Feb 19th feels a bit lonely…

Some days I enjoy the solitude, I can feel the lonely quiet house all around me. These feelings only last a day or so and in their defense I quite enjoy them. Gloomy days are best spent working on songs, writing, re-writing and re-writing again and again. It seems as if the overcast skies help to keep my thoughts inside where I can dissect them and try to pull out a story worth telling. Days like these, my coffee continuously gets cold before I finish a cup while I scribble around my brain. I should get a thermos.

But, today I am wondering…..Where did my sunshine go and who is this hitch hiker I don’t recall picking up by the name of self doubt?  I have something to tell you, get out! I have no time for you. In a world full of confusion and fears, I must retain the right to fight self doubt, as others will quickly stand in line to knock you down if you are left unguarded, Vampires.

I must give  in and welcome this somber day with open arms. Turn within and clean the closets. The subconscious hang ups and useless heavy  ideas that linger there. A brain bath….. I should go do some yoga, yes I will start with that!

Secretly, I hope it stays sunless all day, memories are well kept in grey skies.

Maybe I will write a few letters that I never intend on sending…. It is a good day for that.


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