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“A Nicer L.A.?”

A simple act of kindness goes a long way.

The deed: Putting someone’s laundry in the dryer and then putting your own quarters in, turning it on and walking away. Sure, I had alterer motives, like the fact that I had an early call time to be on set and part of my wardrobe had to be washed plus I wanted to get at least a little sleep. So, I dried my neighbors laundry and I put my stuff in the washer. It was super late and it didn’t look like anyone had any loads to wash after midnight so, I planned on waking up early and throwing them in the dryer during my morning rush.

The deed returned: (Complete without alterer motives)

When I went down stairs yesterday morning to throw my stuff f in the dryer… they were already dry and not only that, my neighbor threw a fabric softener sheet in the mix.  I actually was a bit shocked! ” No one does nice things like that!”  or at least very rarely around L.A. The whole situation made me think about us L.A. people.

We, in general, are a bunch of self saturated, can’t be bothered , sorry if you wanted to merge, but I am busy going straight forward and can’t risk you being in front of me, type of  people. Rush, rush rush, mine, mine, mine… move, move, move faster or me and my ambition will run you over. It’s not my fault your  lost, I’m sorry old lady but I got here first and I would totally open the door for you since you are carrying groceries, a baby and a pushing a stroller but I am on the phone with my agent and I might actually get this role! I am sure you understand, after all it is the roll of a lifetime.

We forget that this very moment IS the roll of a lifetime! Our biggest roll ever to be played is that of our own life. We are the writer, director, actor, producer, craft services, wardrobe… all of it. We are responsible for how well we act and how we react with others. Sure we can’t control the weather or the traffic or why it is so hard to find parking everywhere you go and that there are secret service trained meter maids on a mad hunt to break your bank but we can control the way we react to each situation presented to us. We have the unique opportunity at every moment to create the  next scene. The one where you take the high road, do a good deed or smile at a stranger. After all we can’t forget the fact that little things can make big difference! Something as simple as drying your neighbors laundry.  I know what you’re thinking …. how “pay it forward” of me, but what the hell, open a door for someone today, maybe it will invoke other random acts of kindness… maybe you wont even honk at the old man trying to park at the drug store so he can buy his medication. Who knows, maybe you might even like being nice…


On that note, have a beautiful day!

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  1. Hey cousin, I like your blog, well done! I must say I’m glad I don’t live in LA. Colorado dwellers are generally very considerate! I can’t tell you how many times I see doors being held open on campus for me and others (and of course by me). It’s very Pay it Forward, but there’s nothing wrong with that! It’s just basic human decency.

    February 24, 2010 at 9:18 pm

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