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Watching things fly, watching things break and thinking about connections.

Today I surf. So, today…I search….A regular event for me, search for a parking spot, search for the best place to paddle out, search for the best wave. And then I wait, I position, I situate, I watch, I listen, I feel and again I wait….Waiting, a big part of surfing….Patience, a virtue.

I actually had a great session, kind of small but fun. Didn’t expect too much and that is key for a good session when it’s small. Set the bar low and everything else is a bonus. Not something I practice in other areas of my life like career, future plans, relationships, friendships, honesty, love and sex. As far as those go, I set my expectations nice and high and quite frankly, not willing to negotiate too much on that, with the exception of patience. I am always practicing patience….Maybe too much!

While sitting in the water, it’s hard for me to be still. I am a fish in the sea. I feel the ocean in every molucule of my being. And the moment I enter the sea, I crave to catch waves like it is the only thing that gives me pleasure on this blue earth…nothing else matters. A lot of surfers feel that way. In fact you mix that drive with ego and you get one of the most selfish sports on earth. That last statement is far to broad and of course has many exceptions so, I won’t get in to that now. I am a surfer after all and not trying to be judgmental.

Today, I was mostly by myself, with only myself to impress, only myself to blame if I miss a wave, only myself to listen to…Just me and the sea.  No distractions. This rare occasion led to some soul searching.

I met a new friend recently, a fellow artist, a fellow surfer, a fellow like minded soul and we connected on unique levels, the kind you don’t come across to often, at least not so instantly. It made me think about people and their connections, how we can randomly find ourselves emersed in an intense conversation full of passion and ideas with a stranger. It is amazing how powerful the human bond is. Our human souls crave companionship and friendships, we need “connection”.  It is also interesting to me why some connections are naturally stronger and come quite easy compared to others, in which, we seem to try and force.

I love meeting new people, and finding out what makes them tick. As an artist, I absolutely need those connections to see the world in different ways and learn from their experiences. To only see things your way is to suffocate the mind. If you know everything already then you leave no room to learn more and  as it turns out, you can always know more.

Ok, I can see that I am ranting… too much coffee. Here is my point….. Since experiencing life only through your own eyes is wasteful and lonely, I am making it my mission to connect with people as much as possible…..a stranger, a new friend, an old friend, a lover, a sibling…..I bet there are people in my life that I have known for years that may have something to teach me. If I can only stop talking for a minute and listen… So, I am listening.

The photos below are some things that inspire me.

The noodles and beads are hanging from my rearview mirror, my son made them and every time I get in my car it reminds me to look at the world through the eyes of a child.

Birds fascinate me, in fact I can watch them all day, I find the idea of flight extremely liberating.

The sea is my sacred place, my friend and my home.

My surfboard is kind of like having wings, I am free to fly in the sea. Living in a world where sometimes it feels like everything is holding you back, I feel liberated on a wave, like a bird.

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  1. Jeff

    I have really enjoyed perusing your blog for a bit!… Particularly your candid delving into the fabric of what makes us, us – human. By instinct we seek connection with others, yet our deepest thinking takes place in the soft silence of solitude, often in the comforting embrace of nature. While I firmly believe that today’s rapid globalization is connecting people in awesome ways unimaginable even one generation ago – what is the cost??!… For too many, it is their connection to nature! And so without a thought, it is mistreated – stripped bare of resources, filled with trash, and endlessly polluted.

    I got off on a bit of a rant as well, I apologize. Thank you for a genuinely GOOD blog, one not laced with mindless celebrity gossip or meaningless internet fights. And please continue to post your thoughts!

    March 15, 2010 at 12:23 pm

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