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I pulled off the road and found a perfect moment.

Finding the inner calm to create an outer peace. This week I have been relearning the process of staying calm when under extreme stress and pressure. You see staying calm is all too easy when there isn’t anything trying to get under your skin. So…. I practice, I practice and practice again. Patience is something you have to work on all the time, compassion (although hard at times) brings inner happiness and excepting that things are as you see them and your perception is always your choice, creates the platform to find the calm….These things I practice …. I practice because they make me feel peaceful.

I pulled off the road the other day on my way to Camarillo to make the most of a drive and was blessed with an amazing moment. A vibrant sunset, a beautiful lively sea, dancing flowers and soaring birds. A moment in time perfectly composed. A perfect and beautiful moment in all the chaos… I will remember it for the rest of my time.

One response

  1. peter thorn

    really pretty pics !!!! xo

    April 3, 2010 at 12:13 am

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