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Nothing can last forever in the same form, everything will change.

Photos from yesterday…. I decided to go on a couple walks and a quick sunset surf session to meditate on the present moment and allow nature to help me solve some problems… these are some of the beautiful moments I experienced. As for the answer to my problem….I just keep coming up with one word, LOVE. Sure it wont pay my bills but it sure as hell fills the world with light…… and fills my soul with joy, so in turn… love will keep me peaceful and in the quietness of peace, I find the calm. And in this calm, the answers will come. 

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  1. joe vangeleisti

    hey trisha.youve got style kid.i like the way you think and your quest to be open and strive for being a better person.its cool you ride aftermath boards.ians a good friend of mine,athough i ride for good has it been this winter.keep breaking boards though.anyway just wanted to say hello,i think you have shot with some of the same people my wife has.i think you and her would dig each others should check out my tattoo guys down at shamrock social club,mark mahoney is so amazing and a great guy.cheers and good luck with all you do…joe

    April 12, 2010 at 2:31 am

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