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I had a dream

In a dream today on the sand…… I ran across a dark hall lingering in the stillness, beckoning me in. I am well aware of my darker side, as we all have one , however, I am not referring to this side as my “evil” side or anything menacing. Just the darker hues of thought that can creep up and haunt me while visiting this beautiful side of my brain. Maybe just maybe, I can stick a toe in the dark matter without getting sucked in. Just to remember how it feels and get the rush and emotion of it. I am well aware of my fascination and the addiction it can create like a child playing with fire. So, I close my eyes just for a moment, stick my toes in, open the locked doors and let the story flood my senses as I walk down this dark hall.

In a flash, I can hear the dirty sounds of passionate strangers devouring each other like vampires before the breaking dawn. I hear the sound of wet skin slapping frantically against skin creating a chant like rhythm, yes the sweet rhythm of lovers thrusting and twisting as they worship and devour each others flesh. With this climax approaching and the sound intensifying, I can hear the crying ravens on the windowpane while the howling winds slams the shutters. My body heat swells inside me and I can suddenly feel the skin on every inch of my body at this very moment, as if, I am the slapping flesh of these lovers, as if, I am the hair being pulled to breaking point. I love it, I don’t want it to end. Then I open my eyes… I am laying alone at the beach staring at the sun.

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