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Okay, I am listening…. but, what does it mean?

Tonight I was hit by one of those full blown adrenaline rushing clairvoyant hot flashes…. Those terrible feelings of… Wait! Something is not right, pay attention. Your intuition is speaking to you in a quite loud and effective way. (*Note* ever since that damn Jewel song that she sold for the razor blade, every time I say the word intuition I hear that damn melody! something I never need to hear agin, nothing against Jewel, just the song… haha sorry, just had to get that off my chest) So, you stop you listen, you try and decode….. but, it could be anything… so why right now, what is going on and what does this all mean? Every single time I have dismissed these feelings I was rudely awaken by a thunderous roar, “You should have saw this, I told you silly girl, why did you ignore me” .

I know this and I am still learning from history….. so now what? Wait and see what happens?  Turn into some raw nerve searching for the reasons your whole body is alive with the ” there’s an earthquake coming, there are skeletons in the closet… and guess what, they are still alive!” news flashes. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t  clairvoyant but then again, it is dangerous to shoot darts in the dark.

So until next time, I will go and meditate… all of the answers are already around me, it is the right questions I need to ask.

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