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Today I randomly selected a card from the deck and…

It was the Queen of Swords, was hoping to pull the Queen of Hearts but that is apparently in a different deck…

Anyway the Queen of Swords was just the right card for this moment in time for me. At least to aspire to. This has been a particularly hard few months for me and I am quite close to a breaking point or at least I feel that way. As I struggle to stay calm enough to see my options and be open to new beginnings, I made a promise to my self long ago to never let the world break me or to break my self… That is why pulling this card is motivating to me.

Queen of Swords:

This lady is very much a rational thinker who uses her intelligence more than her emotions. She sits high on her throne with a stern look on her face indicating that no-one could fool me. Although she has her left had extended as a sign of having something to give or to offer. In her right hand she holds a sword pointed to the sky. On this day appears lots of clouds at a distance indicating that a storm may brew as the trees are flowing from the West to the East. Most storms come from the West. However there is a bird flying alone as if it lost the flock or family. It is flying into the storm. Perhaps telling us not to go with the flow and instead pursue our endeavors. Go head on. There are butterflies on her crown as well as Three hiding under her thrown. She sits offering something protected by her sword. On her thrown is an angel child and perhaps this child is always on her mind.

Qualities: (things I aspire to for sure)

Pride in one’s creative efforts, vigilance, dedicated to truth, calmness, determined, power of positive thought, bard and poet, quick-witted, confident, not happy in crowds, truth seeker, skillful analysis, gifted teacher, clear communication, straightforward, can laugh at him/herself, idealist, progressive, sees beyond the obvious, professional, humanitarian, secular humanist, hard to bluff, likes directness, stands up for what she believes in, a widow, can make it on her own, distant, advisor, no nonsense approach, well developed sense of humor, realistic. She represents the intellect’s ability to judge and discern impartially, without the influence of subjectivity or sentimentality.

Can I continue to be calm in crisis and sharp with in a world of muddy allusions? Will I stay open to my next adventure in the absence of fear? I truly hope so!

Take away msg for todays card The past is gone and the future looks uncertain, but you don’t want to be faithless or fearful. You want to be at peace with yourself or your predicament and for your incentive to be restored. Emptiness is a necessary vacuum. A cup that is already full has no room for more.

haha the only picture I have with a sword 🙂

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