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Opening my mind to a new direction…

This is me officially telling the universe that I am open to new opportunities, situations, jobs, home, friends, lifestyle etc…. I feel like I am looking right through something. Like there is an answer dancing right in front of me but I cannot see of because I am asking the wrong questions or looking in the wrong direction. A battle between my dreams and my fears… A balancing act of slavery and freedom. I refuse to give in, I refuse to let thislifetear me down… But I need a sign, give me a sign.

One response

  1. Gerry

    When I see all your different activities so far – I am surprised that you are still searching for something new. Maybe you want to work in an office sitting in front of a cimputer all day long? I don’t think so!

    September 13, 2010 at 5:29 am

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