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Merry Kissmas time…

Okay, so the wonderful eve of Xmas is right around the corner. As we all put on our happy faces and try to be festive, jolly and christmassy it has been a tough year or couple years for many of us. I can speak for myself when I say that this year has been quite challenging in fact quite a struggle, I also know I am not alone in this. Regardless I am looking forward to playing the roll of Santa Clause for my beautiful little boy in less then 9 days and going to do the best I can to make it special. On this note I have to remind myself that I could easily ruin this fun season by stressing out… so that is not an option, I love Xmas too much. I am going to try and have faith that I will find away to be a good mother and allow the stress to roll off my back.. And as for the season of giving, I know that there are cycles for everything… you get what you give and you are what you think 🙂 I would like to give the gift of love and peace… It is about all that I have to give… So, Merry Kissmas! love to you and your loved ones!

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