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A new Year, The world celebrates, The humanoids count down to midnight with strange traditions.

So… I was sitting here online setting up my Art Slant art profile page and got caught up watching videos of NYE traditions world wide.
Here are a few ways fellow Humans bring in a new year…. some parts of Hungary burn an effigy called Jack Straw (representing all the misfortunes of the year, The Netherlands burn Christmas trees, Japan starts the new year by laughter (Bring in the new year with joy) Spain eats 12 grapes in the last 12 seconds of the old year, New Zealand massive fireworks, South Korea with Giant bells, Tawain looks like a battle ground, Vatican City with the pope of course, Dubia fireworks to dazzle thousands, Denmark Giant Clocks and broken plates at the door steps, London at the giant ferris wheel, a small city called Talca in Chile spends it in a cemetery, Brazilians where white for good luck and jump into the sea 7 times and throw flowers into the waves, South american countries such as Bolivia, Ecuador or Brazil wear yellow underwear for good luck and red to find love…. You get my drift… There are a ton of different ways to bring in the new year.
The most common tread throughout the planet seems to be massive parties, massive fireworks, family, friends, kissing, shedding the old celebrating the new and wishing good luck. It is beautiful to me that through out this world even with our diversity and culture clashes we seem to have a lot of the same values, especially when it comes to New Years Eve.
Here in good old LA most people get smashed drunk, try to kiss as many people as possible and make new years resolutions that are seldom ever kept or ever really tried.
This year I haven’t made my resolution. Of course there are the usual thoughts, I need to make more money, I should be creating more, I could be in better shape, I need to build an empire… I could go with one of these but I am going to do that anyway. This year I am going to meditate until I complete something I have never “really” tried before.
This year I am going to attempt to completely free my mind from the restrictions I place on my self. Not talk about it… really do it.

Happy New Year People!! May your 2011 be full of love and freedom!

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