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Update... this amp shell has been sold but, I am doing more and am down for commissioned art as well, so… hit me up 🙂

Hey guys, here is a new custom painted amp shell I just finished. This particular amp is the “Mohawk Sugar Skull” theme. If you look closely, there are different sugar skulls layered throughout the design as a back ground and for texture and then of course the two mohawk sugar skulls in the front. This shell features gold piping and handle details so, I incorporated some gold into the design to tie it all together. I put in a ton of hours and passion into every art piece because I really love doing it. Besides the basic stencils that I design, hand cut and spray paint, all of the work is hand painted making each piece completely original in every way. I pour my heart into it.

This shell will fit a Friedman BE100, Suhr SL68 and many other amps using a Marshall plexi-type  chassis, like a Marshall Super Lead or Super Bass type amp chassis, or similar (kits or builds from Mojo, Metro, etc.)

I am selling this “Mohawk Sugar Skull” shell for 650 plus shipping 🙂 update.. it’s been sold

As you know custom painted guitars have been around for a long time, music is a very personal experience and custom gear is a visual way to express that, plus it’s completely individual, no one will have that same guitar.  After I painted my first custom amp, I realized that this is something that others might want as well, I haven’t seen many custom painted amps around, let alone matching themed cabs as well. So, I plan to change that.

This is the first of a series of one of a kind custom standard Marshall style amp shells. My plan is to do a small series of hand painted amps and see how it goes. I can work with individuals to base the design off of a general direction they are wanting as well as paint amps based off designs that I have created. I am also wanting to paint matching cabs for the amp shells, if one wanted to go all out.

For me, marrying my two passions, music and art, by custom painting guitars, amps, cabinets etc. is like the perfect relationship. I hope this is something that people like and I am looking forward to seeing where it leads.

Please feel free to check out more of my art on my music/artist website

And if you didn’t know, I am about to release my debut indie rock album, check out the single ‘RAMPAGE’  on iTunes

If you are interested in getting some of my custom art on your gear you can email me at

Below are some photos of custom painted gear that I have done, all of it is already owned so you’ll have to get your own, haha. But, I wanted to give a little example of my style.


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