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Getting All Domestic

Making some organic gluten free Pumpkin and Apple Crumb PiesMaking some organic gluten free Pumpkin and Apple crumb pies

Getting all domestic and shit 🙂

My New Song “If I Only Knew” is available on iTunes :)

Click the Link to go to store 🙂

“If I Only Knew” by Trisha Lurie was Produced by Pete Thorn, Vocals: Trisha Lurie, Bass: Jon Button, Piano: Will Hollis, Percussion: Bill Delia and Guitars: Pete Thorn. Mixed by Bob Clearmountain.

Photo By Simon Thorpe

The making of the song 🙂

A few samples of a photo project Ray Gutierrez are doing together.

Trisha Lurie by Ray GutierrezTrisha Lurie by Ray gutierrezTrisha Lurie by Ray Gutierrez

A Little Slice of Heaven

There are certain places on earth that are just like a dream… this is one of them. It reminds me of being a little girl about 5 dreaming of the Candy Land game, the fantasy where I would shrink and fly through the porthole into a real life version of candy heaven. Swimming pools of jelly beans, dresses made of licorice and chocolate covered strawberries the size of  houses.  I am all grown up now (kind of) and my idea of a good time has changed.. these are photos I took of a place I wouldn’t mind playing in all day, all the time…

Last nights gig at the House of Blues

Well, last night was fun… I managed to pull the gig off even though the fuse in the amp blew minutes before my set started. Of course there weren’t any spares so..out of luck there, lesson learned! I had to run my guitars through the PA and take what I could get. At first I got  a little nervous thinking “oh my god, what the hell kind of noise am I going to subject all these people to!” then I figured I would just have to improv a bit and make the best lemon aid I can. As I said before in another blog, I am learning how to flush out the bugs as I go, paying my dues… that way later on I will not make the same mistakes when the stakes are higher. But, no matter what ~ shit happens~ it’s how you deal with it that counts. The show must go on, people don’t pay good money to watch you fuss. There were times in my set where I could hardly stand the noise I was making but, I could see everyone smiling and dancing so, I just shut my brain off and sang my ass off.

Bill of course like always rocked it out, beating away like a heart beat running through our set keeping everything in line. I love him!

I feel kind of weird now, like hmm it’s all over… now what. Need to set up another gig. I thought I wouldn’t play today because I exhausted my self yesterday but I am already craving the guitar … I guess I will go practice some more.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out for the gig, it means a lot to me. Making and sharing my music is one of the most important things in life so, it feels amazing to have support and love when I’m up there feeling naked and raw giving every ounce I’ve got, so yes… thank you!

My Latest piece of art.

Doing a series of 10 of and then on tho the next one 🙂 If you are interested in buying please hit me up and Merry Christmas people xoxo

Painting_by_Trisha_Lurie_FreeOriginal 1of 10 of this series. I will be doing over time but each one is different as they are all hand done originals. Size 25 by19 inch. mIxed medium/ Spray paint and acrylic on hand made paper from Thailand. I am pricing it at $250 unframed. But will sell it for $280 framed and matted. I am only going to do 10 of this series and no prints, just originals 🙂

A photo of the moon

I took this photo last full moon and wanted to share it. Every time the moon is full, for some reason it screams at me… wake up… you are in a giant universe, spinning around at speeds up to 1,038 mph (at the equator ) while moving around the sun at 67,ooo mph. And they say time flies…  and then to top that off we are also moving around with the sun in the centre of our galaxy which is also drifting through intergalactic space… My conclusion, driving fast… is only natural, right?

Black as a Ravens wing.

A journey called love…..

There is a place, I frequent.. Sometimes alone, sometimes with my son. This trip was a mommy & son journey into nature, to learn about energy, the art of silence and the unique ability to observe something pure and full of life as it happens. Watching my boy discover the joy of simply being… is a beautiful gift, it also reminds me about what truly is important, a journey called love… so won’t you join me! Here are some photos I adore.. It is also fun to be using me new little camera… I have become quite the documenter, lol.

this last photo was taken by my son… he is really getting into taking pictures now, I have to get him a little  camera, so he can develop a style, lol I am only kind of kidding.

Nothing can last forever in the same form, everything will change.

Photos from yesterday…. I decided to go on a couple walks and a quick sunset surf session to meditate on the present moment and allow nature to help me solve some problems… these are some of the beautiful moments I experienced. As for the answer to my problem….I just keep coming up with one word, LOVE. Sure it wont pay my bills but it sure as hell fills the world with light…… and fills my soul with joy, so in turn… love will keep me peaceful and in the quietness of peace, I find the calm. And in this calm, the answers will come. 

I pulled off the road and found a perfect moment.

Finding the inner calm to create an outer peace. This week I have been relearning the process of staying calm when under extreme stress and pressure. You see staying calm is all too easy when there isn’t anything trying to get under your skin. So…. I practice, I practice and practice again. Patience is something you have to work on all the time, compassion (although hard at times) brings inner happiness and excepting that things are as you see them and your perception is always your choice, creates the platform to find the calm….These things I practice …. I practice because they make me feel peaceful.

I pulled off the road the other day on my way to Camarillo to make the most of a drive and was blessed with an amazing moment. A vibrant sunset, a beautiful lively sea, dancing flowers and soaring birds. A moment in time perfectly composed. A perfect and beautiful moment in all the chaos… I will remember it for the rest of my time.

Sometimes if you look too close, you’ll loose sight of what you were looking at and you may find something else instead.

I have been doing quite a bit of soul searching about some interesting feelings I have been having. So begins the problem solving, evaluating circumstance, searching for patterns and planning my next step… Looking deep inside my mind to find a better way to attack self destructive behavior before I jump to conclusions….But all the signs are pointing me into different  directions….. Maybe the brain surgery I am conducting on myself is distorting the overall picture. It seems the deeper I go, the less I see the matter at hand. Instead I see only chaos, a beautiful chaos of bubbles moving into different directions yet still contained in one space. A glass ball of chaos… The questions at hand, are still unanswered, however I feel strangely comfortable with that. I can’t forget that to my core I am deeply attracted to the mystery of the unexpected… Spontaneity! The spice of life.

a stiff drink in burgundy, seeing red… again.

The text of this blog are just my unfiltered thoughts, while I look at the photos I took at the burgundy room… Take a little ride inside my mind.

A secret peek into the way my thoughts splatter across my skull as I try to line things up and make sense of it all…

First the photos then the thoughts…

And the thoughts they evoke……………………………………………………………………………………….. Music, driving rhythm, Poison, hot bar, cold glass, money, dirty hot money, smoking, cancer, addiction, sex, skin, warm red skin, cold metal, a trip, a trip to another place, alone, watching things fall, wet streets, glossy pavement, windshield wipers, I love the sound of windshield wipers, rain falling all around me, life falling all around me, loud  streets, quiet soul……, burning bridges, burning friends, desire, passion, hot hot passion, kissing, lips, sucking Tongues, dancing in a cave, ritual, tattoos, ink, pain, drive, black ink, skin, being exposed, feeling pressure, constraint, release, giving in, letting go, filling up, eyes, wet eyes, heavy eyes, sleepy eyes, wondering eyes, alone inside, again…….. drinking, pain addiction, drowning of sorrow, lonely, wasting time, I hate wasting time, traveling, I want to be somewhere else just for a while, wouldn’t mind being someone else. i could be a man, do man things, have control, drive it in, grabbing, pulling, talking, commanding, authority, strong, vibrant, in control, passionately throbbing, holding, to devour, but I love being a woman, a lover, a sinner, dirty thoughts, giving into fantasy, feeling loved, feeling touched, grabbed, devoured, I want to be devoured. Long nights, red lights, long kisses, hot fights, give my heart away, watch it fly, freedom, sticky freedom, trapped inside my head, want to be exposed, voyeurism, watch me, spy on me, worship me in secret, make you hot, make you scream, adrenaline, speed, spinning around, sprinting down the path, like an animal, I am an animal, want to be free like a wild animal, want to fly, soar over the skies, watch you while you think you are alone, I know creepy right…..I am a creep, I paint red, destruction, create chaos, beautiful chaos, sin, lies, sweet words, sweet lies, intuition, I hope you know that I know already, I knew from the start, I will let you think that I don’t know, I feel everything like a curse, I always know inside, a gift but a curse, sweet taste, citrus, cold ice, cold heart, strong heart, closed gates, locked windows, you will never know, you can’t except me, pain, heavy eyes, heavy womb, regret, loss, survival, guilt, another day to go, lucky, still feel lucky, so fortunate in the ways that count, wondering, wanting, wishing, whispering, screaming, breathing, breathing fast and hard, can you hear me with out a sound, can you see me without your eyes, can you feel me without a touch, do I exist, are you sure, a free bird, loaded soul, music, I feel it in my bones, chasing away my fears, it’s not easy to stay here, devotion, love, I love, I protect, I see you, I feel the stranger on the street, I am the stranger on the street, don’t let the quiet in, shhhhhh, dance, thriving, move, watch me dance, can I tempt you, pulsation, sex, passionate sex, can you feel me, are you here with me, are you  really here with me, don’t leave me, stay with me, will you hold my heart at the same time, empty, can feel so empty, alone in a crowd, alone in the bed, a ghost, I am a ghost, I have been a ghost for a long time. let the sea devour me, flow through me, control me, beat me, drown me, love me, hold me in the depths, the dark depths, secrets, secret desire, adrenaline, take me, take all of me or nothing at all, devour me or don’t try to take a taste, take it all, take me down, show me your secrets, let me feel your desire, let me be your poison, I will feed your tummy, I will feed your soul, I will feed your secret desires, take me in, love your poison, it knows you, the wind blows, the sun strikes, the piano sings, the guitar weeps, my music is my soul, my soul is music, it is the only thing that keeps it real. in a world of fake, i just want real… i want to be real, I want to be heard…. can you feel me, do you see me, I am right here… a ghost in your world.

okay enough… must go do something else

So there you have it a few moments of my unfiltered thoughts.. A window inside my skull…have a beautiful day!

Bike ride into the sunset with my boy, beautiful moments

Remember to spend quality time with those you love. And love to the full extent of your heart at all times. What else is the point of living??  Life is too short to waste worrying about the wrong things. Go out  into your world and spread love… it makes a difference….We are all connected.

Behind the scenes of my photo shoot yesterday and some other things I saw along the way, photo blog

A photo shoot in down town, a fauxhawk, a drive to hollywood and the view from the penthouse at Chateau Marmont to cap it off. That was my yesterday.. today, a new adventure…..

I almost lost my face or at least had it shred to bits by hot glass

Ever wonder what happens if you accidentally leave a glass pan on a stove and then turn on the wrong burner? I know now! While making dinner, cleaning up and helping my son with homework I spaced out and made a mistake that could have destroyed my face . I feel like I have just become the luckiest woman on earth (At least in the “I still have my face” department). Instead of heating the water for his mac and cheese I turned on the back burner and began to cook the glass pan. Apparently direct heat and glass do not get along! I turned around to help Riley with his homework and just as I took two steps away it exploded. The big blue glass pan burst into the air sending burning hot shards of glass shrapnel like an exploding bomb. With a thunderous pop, glass pelted my back as I moved away. I know this all sounds so dramatic, but it truly was.

I have never seen anything like it. I am so happy that  Riley asked for help on his math question!  Nothing like a photo op though, lol

Behind the walls of one of my paintings and a window to my soul.

Chains of the Psyche

In psychoanalysis and other forms of depth psychology, the psyche refers to the forces in an individual that influence thought, behavior, and personality.

The word is borrowed from ancient Greek, and refers to the concept of the self, encompassing the modern ideas of soul, self and mind.

The Greeks believed that the soul or “psyche” was responsible for behaviour. A psyche in mythology means a butterfly

This was the backdrop and symphony to one of my paintings that hangs in my house today.

I feel that one the thing which holds me back the most in life, happens to be the chains of my unconscious mind. The bars I wrap around my own mind and ideas prevent my growth. The chains I use to keep pain out also prevent my freedom.  Fear of the unknown can keep you in a scary place….. locked up in an unconscious mind… and fear is… your worst enemy!

I look at this painting every day and try to remind myself that I alone am responsible for refusing  to act out of fear and instead embrace whatever may come, good or bad… it is an ongoing process

It is good to take a moment to check in on yourself and get below the surface… take a trip with your unconscious mind to be sure that You are aware of your patterns. Be sure that your primal urges and instincts are healthy.  For me personally I like to make sure that I am acting as a survivor not a victim and be sure that Iam protecting my inner child, not letting her run the show 🙂  Okay enough jibberish, here is the painting… Click on the picture to enlarge painting

Chains of the Psyche

Painting by Trisha Lurie

Just in case you are curious! lol

Sigmond Freud, the creator of psychoanalysis, believed that the psyche was composed of 3 components

  • The id, which represents the instinctual drives of an individual and remains largely unconscious.
  • The ego, which is conscious and serves to integrate the drives of the id with the prohibitions of the super-ego. Freud believed this conflict to be at the heart of neurosis.
  • The super-ego, which represents a person’s conscience and their internalization of societal norms and morality.

Carl Jung was an influential thinker and the founder of analytical psychology. (also known as Jungian psychology).

“I have been compelled, in my investigations into the structure of the unconscious, to make a conceptual distinction between soul and psyche. By psyche, I understand the totality of all psychic processes, conscious as well as unconscious. By soul, on the other hand, I understand a clearly demarcated functional complex that can best be described as a “personality”. Carl Jung

Little mirrors falling from the sky, a photo blog by Trisha Lurie

i went to the sea in hopes to see.. some type of a tsunami..

i waited and waited but nothing arose.. ‘cept this silly unexpected prose..

i sat by the ocean, i stared at the sea.. as the sky fell down all beside me..

~ The Woods

Trisha Lurie

Tsunami sky, Trisha LurieTsunami sea, Trisha LurieTrisha Lurie.. waitingWet trees, Trisha Lurie

Blueberry sky

Behind the glass, Trisha Lurie

By Trisha Lurie

By Trisha Lurie

Photos by  Trisha Lurie

This morning in Venice, a photo blog

This morning on a quest for good waves, I found myself  wondering around the streets and allies of Venice Beach. Armed with an ipod and a pocket camera I began shooting away…

Venice Skate park