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Religion vs. Spirituality

I ran across this subject line on last night and thought I would share the article and my personal views. My first note on the matter would have to go to the Title of the article….

Are there dangers in being ‘spiritual but not religious’?

What???????? Talk about a loaded headline, fear tactic anyone? Oh and CNN is offering a free pass to judge those who do not share your religion today, incase you needed that.

So, it is dangerous not to have religion?  As if organized religion is “safe”?  Well, that is true! It is dangerous …..

Dangerous to the pockets of the all powerful super businesses called ‘Organized Religion’.  You know, the super powers that controls the state of all of our nations.

So, yes, an increasing number of  SOULS wondering around the planet NOT attached to a money making corporation that directly feeds the system in which we are in slaved to, is terribly dangerous and could cause a landslide of financial problems for the already money stressed churches, the super powers at be.

You can easily control a mass of individual people in three major ways, Religion, Poverty and Fear.  If you can find a way to wrap those into a nice little package well then… enjoy your harvest.

The harvest of souls.

If you ask me ‘Hell on earth’ is raping the people of the freedom of spirituality and replacing it with a brainwashing fear strong religious slavery.

A lot of work goes into keeping the people in need of their religion, a lot.

Remember that you would be a bad person without church, don’t you forget it!  And not just any church, ‘this church, this god’… don’t spend your money somewhere else or you will be buying a lemon and go to hell!  And whatever you do don’t let other religions take what is yours or have control. Fear, fear, fear. Wait!  Also remember, it is not just those of another faith or another god to be afraid of , it is also the ‘ spiritual but not religious’ folk. Those without religion undermine our power!

If you were wondering ….Yes, I fall into ‘Spiritual but not religious’ category, not because it is trendy  or because I am lazy , it is because I am taking responsibility for my spirituality, my actions and my thoughts.

I was raised in the church (my father was a paster) I was emersed into organized religion at birth. A conflicted ‘believer’ up until I was able to break free and be born again into spirituality not a religion. I saw the good, I saw the very, very bad. It took a lot of work and meditation to find my peace. At first, it was hard to let go of the fear that was drilled into me, I identified with it. We all have a need to fill the hole left by the absence of spirituality. Especially when we experience terrible upbringings and harsh or painful life situations. Like many or shall I say most humans, my childhood was less then ideal, a painful way to start this journey. The healing process was hard and ongoing.

On a lighter note, my pain has connected me with all souls, we all experience pain and in that connection, I see we are all equal. I am reminded that I am above no one and beneath no one.

Please don’t get me wrong, if your personal spirituality is connected to your choice of religion and your choice of god, I have absolutely no negative thoughts on that. To each his own. Just don’t use your religion as an excuse to be a bad person.

What I am trying to say is that, I think it is so, so sad  that we humans and our wonderful complexed minds have taken something so beautiful, so real, so amazing like spirituality and attached our selves with the complete opposite. We have turned our spirituality into ego. We all struggle with the ego and most of the time it is winning because we constantly identify with the ego and mistake its needs with our souls.  As soon as you think you have no ego, it is the ego that is driving the car. The moment you judge another (including yourself) you are your ego.

I truly believe that the soul is beautiful and perfect just like the universe, like god. We are all equal here at the soul level, in the creation zone, we are all one. Your choice of  religion or spirituality should be a personal, beautiful attachment to the collective being. A connection to the light, to positive energy that effects you and all things that come in contact with you.  A soul doesn’t need religion to do the right thing, you need only to love.

To be love.

When you act in pure love, you are like god. And there is nothing more spiritual than that. You have a choice, Fear or love.

Okay now for the rest of the CNN article below

Are there dangers in being ‘spiritual but not religious’?

(CNN) — “I’m spiritual but not religious.” It’s a trendy phrase people often use to describe their belief that they don’t need organized religion to live a life of faith.

But for Jesuit priest James Martin, the phrase also hints at something else: egotism.
“Being spiritual but not religious can lead to complacency and self-centeredness,” says Martin, an editor at America, a national Catholic magazine based in New York City. “If it’s just you and God in your room, and a religious community makes no demands on you, why help the poor?”
Religious debates erupt over everything from doctrine to fashion. Martin has jumped into a running debate over the “I’m spiritual but not religious” phrase.
The “I’m spiritual but not religious” community is growing so much that one pastor compared it to a movement.
In a 2009 survey by the research firm LifeWay Christian Resources, 72 percent of millennials (18- to 29-year-olds) said they’re “more spiritual than religious.” The phrase is now so commonplace that it’s spawned its own acronym (“I’m SBNR”) and Facebook page:
But what exactly does being “spiritual but not religious” mean, and could there be hidden dangers in living such a life?
Did you choose “Burger King Spirituality”?
Heather Cariou, a New York City-based author who calls herself spiritual instead of religious, doesn’t think so. She’s adopted a spirituality that blends Buddhism, Judaism and other beliefs.
“I don’t need to define myself to any community by putting myself in a box labeled Baptist, or Catholic, or Muslim,” she says. “When I die, I believe all my accounting will be done to God, and that when I enter the eternal realm, I will not walk though a door with a label on it.”
BJ Gallagher, a Huffington Post blogger who writes about spirituality, says she’s SBNR because organized religion inevitably degenerates into tussles over power, ego and money.
Gallagher tells a parable to illustrate her point:
“God and the devil were walking down a path one day when God spotted something sparkling by the side of the path. He picked it up and held it in the palm of his hand.
“Ah, Truth,” he said.
“Here, give it to me,” the devil said. “I’ll organize it.”
Gallagher says there’s nothing wrong with people blending insights from different faith traditions to create what she calls a “Burger King Spirituality — have it your way.”
She disputes the notion that spiritual people shun being accountable to a community.
“Twelve-step people have a brilliant spiritual community that avoids all the pitfalls of organized religion,” says Gallagher, author of “The Best Way Out is Always Through.”
“Each recovering addict has a ‘god of our own understanding,’ and there are no priests or intermediaries between you and your god. It’s a spiritual community that works.”
Nazli Ekim, who works in public relations in New York City, says calling herself spiritual instead of religious is her way of taking responsibility for herself. Ekim was born in a Muslim family and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. She prayed to Allah every night, until she was 13 and had to take religion classes in high school. Then one day, she says she had to take charge of her own beliefs.
“I had this revelation that I bow to no one, and I’ve been spiritually a much happier person,” says Ekim, who describers herself now as a Taoist, a religious practice from ancient China that emphasizes the unity of humanity and the universe.
“I make my own mistakes and take responsibility for them. I’ve lied, cheated, hurt people — sometimes on purpose. Did I ever think I will burn in hell for all eternity? I didn’t. Did I feel bad and made up for my mistakes? I certainly did, but not out of fear of God.”
Going on a spiritual walkabout
The debate over being spiritual rather than religious is not just about semantics. It’s about survival.
Numerous surveys show the number of Americans who do not identify themselves as religious has been increasing and likely will continue to grow.
A 2008 survey conducted by Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, dubbed these Americans who don’t identify with any religion as “Nones.”

Seminaries, churches, mosques and other institutions will struggle for survival if they don’t somehow convince future generations that being religious isn’t so bad after all, religion scholars warn.
Jennifer Walters, dean of religious life at Smith College in Massachusetts, says there’s a lot of good in old-time religion.
Religious communities excel at caring for members in difficult times, encouraging members to serve others and teaching religious practices that have been tested and wrestled with for centuries, Walters says.
“Hymn-singing, forms of prayer and worship, teachings about social justice and forgiveness — all these things are valuable elements of religious wisdom,” Walters says. “Piecing it together by yourself can be done, but with great difficulty.”
Being a spiritual Lone Ranger fits the tenor of our times, says June-Ann Greeley, a theology and philosophy professor.
“Religion demands that we accord to human existence some absolutes and eternal truths, and in a post-modern culture, that becomes all but impossible,” says Greeley, who teaches at Sacred Heart University in Connecticut.
It’s much easier for “spiritual” people to go on “spiritual walkabouts,” Greeley says.
“People seem not to have the time nor the energy or interest to delve deeply into any one faith or religious tradition,” Greeley says. “So they move through, collecting ideas and practices and tenets that most appeal to the self, but making no connections to groups or communities.”
Being spiritual instead of religious may sound sophisticated, but the choice may ultimately come down to pettiness, says Martin, the Jesuit priest, who writes about the phrase in his book, “The Jesuit Guide to (Almost Everything).”
“Religion is hard,” he says. “Sometimes it’s just too much work. People don’t feel like it. I have better things to do with my time. It’s plain old laziness.”

Trisha Lurie quoted in the Daily Bruin



Trisha Cardoso, 45, and her daughter, Ava Cardoso, 7, sat on the floor of Pauley Pavilion on Sunday afternoon.

Cardoso took pictures of her daughter, who was writing large words on a bright orange sign: “Totally Vote 4 Obama” and “I love Obama.”

Cardoso, an L.A. resident, smiled and said, “It was all her idea.”

The two were waiting for the “Every Woman for Obama” voter registration rally at UCLA to begin, along with hundreds of other rally attendees, many of them women.

Event organizer Barbara Mandel said in a statement that women can make a particular difference in the 2008 presidential election, and she called for greater support for presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Cardoso said the event was the first political rally she and her daughter have attended.

“I’m a mother raising a daughter. It’s important for her to feel her voice matters,” she said.

After she finished her rally sign, Ava said Obama pays attention to special issues such as the environment.

“The environment is a special place because it’s where we live in,” she said.

“What he’s saying to other people is what my mama and I believe in.”

The rally featured appearances by guest speakers and performers such as singer Patti LaBelle, actress Jean Smart from “Samantha Who?” and Los Angeles Clipper and UCLA alumnus Baron Davis, among others.

Smart said she supports Obama because he keeps education a high priority and remains consistent in his beliefs, referring back to his speeches made at the 2008 and 2004 Democratic National Conventions.

Smart also criticized Republican John McCain’s vice-presidential running mate, Sarah Palin, for her world views, lack of experience and lack of curiosity.

“It was a dangerous, insulting decision,” Smart said.

Debra Tetel, 55, from Tarzana, said Obama would make the best president, and she would not want Palin as vice president.

“We need every ounce of effort so we can get him in the White House,” Tetel said.

“We don’t need anyone like Palin. She will put women 200 years behind.”

Other participants said they had difficulty choosing between Obama and former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton early in the campaign season.

Trisha Lurie, 28, from Santa Monica said she was torn between the two Democratic candidates and first voted for Clinton.

Now Lurie said she appreciates how Obama has a section for women’s issues on his official campaign Web site, and he mentions women’s rights in speeches.

“He has really stepped up to include women,” Lurie said.

Some people in the bleachers held signs that said “Hillary Clinton supports Barack Obama.”

Another attendee, Merage Mohammad, a fourth-year molecular, cell and developmental biology student, said the rally was a good opportunity to be around people who support Obama.

Mohammad said he was excited to vote in his first presidential election.

“It’s an election that will make history and really change the country,” he said.

Other students did not hear of the rally until Sunday.

Fifth-year linguistics student Sarah Barbod was on her way to the gym but joined the event, which was aimed at helping to register more female voters for the campaign.

“It’s something different from what we’ve seen,” Barbod said.

She said she supports Obama’s tax plan and believes the economy is an important facet of the campaign.

“I don’t know how I’m going to pay back my student loans,” she said.

Barbod said she believed there was a lot of energy at the rally.

“It gives me excitement for the campaign,” she said.

With reports by Neha Jaganathan, Bruin contributor.



(Do you see me?? haha the girl on the far left with a sleeve and black headband)

Singer Patti LaBelle speaks to the crowd at the “Every Woman for Obama” rally Sunday at Pauley Pavilion. The rally aimed to register more women voters.

Photo by Kimberly Lajcik





This is my first official blog in my weblog 🙂 If you know me personally, you may have noticed that I have been writing and speaking  a lot about the debates, the importance of registering & voting and my support for Senator Barack Obama and Senator Joe Biden. Here are a few reasons why I feel it is so critical and necessary. 


 In the past 8 years I have been a strong critic of the Bush/Cheany administration and everyone who backed his leadership and policies. In my opinion, I don’t think he was the honest winner of the elections all together. But, regardless of the past and our general laziness to protest that issue (and I did protest) we did not have an uprising large enough to remove Bush from office. 

 I feel we have been living this numb and instant gratification type of life and no one really wanted to be bothered. With credit cards to live off of, constant entertainment at our finger tips, a pseudo stable economy and an out of sight, out of mind attitude, we just didn’t want to disrupt the system. The problem is that the system is broken and it has failed us. It has failed us on many levels and the rights some of us have been taking for granted have been changed and taken from us. Our rights and our constitution has been tampered with. This is not small potatoes, many fellow americans have fought and died for our rights as Americans. I don’t take that lightly. Nobody should take that lightly.

 So, here we are now at the one of the most important crossroads in our American History. We are looking at two paths going into completely different directions. This is a black and white decision, we have the choice to continue in the destructive path we have been on or switch tracks and move towards a bright and productive future.

Make no mistake, change is hard, why else do people stay in shitty jobs they hate instead of searching for a better one or stay in abusive and negative relationships because they are afraid of being alone or what it might feel like to cut the ties that bind us. Sometimes we are just afraid of the unknown ” What if the world isn’t flat and what will we find?”  But, there is something else that we know about change, it is necessary for evolving, growing and moving forward. I have been learning a lot about change by watching my little boy grow up. He is five years old now and in kindergarten. When he was first born, I had so many questions about the development  of a human. How can such a small and simple little baby be so strong and brave to try new things, learn to walk, talk, eat new foods, take a first step, jump off the couch and the list goes on. Now he is in a new school, a school much larger then his cute little pre-school. He was so worried at first, he wasn’t sure he would like his teacher or have friends. He would protest the change in the morning and this continued for a while. Until one day it made sense to him, this school is not so bad, in fact it is a better school. He knows it was a part of his life to move on and continue growing.

 The change that we need is necessary and positive as well.

The difference in the change we are facing today as American citizens is much grander than a new school. These are times of economic disaster, a failed government, crooked politics, global warming, a healthcare system that is unhealthy and profits big cats before patients, a failed homeland  security, a failed foreign policy, international embarrassment, American citizens living in third world poverty, inadequate infrastructure, a failed educational system, taxes that are working backwards and the list goes on. These issues are not something we can ignore or muddle through. At this point, America the great is not so great on paper.

Don’t get me wrong I am a firm believer that this is a great nation. Our many strong, caring and thoughtful citizens, soldiers, leaders and community servants make this country great but we are better than the America that we have today. 

One of the great things about our democracy is that we have the power to change what is wrong and correct our path. I believe this and I am teaching my son that his voice too shall be heard.

America… We can do this better!


 It is for many reasons that I believe in change and the absolute necessity of change right now. I can list a million reasons why a McCain/Palin government would be disastrous but, I would like to focus on why I am voting and fully supporting Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Here are the issues I am personally concerned with and believe Obama is on the right path, understands the issued on all sides of the table and is qualified and ready to fix them.

First of all our Economy is a major issue for obvious reasons. I hope everyone today has seen the light of the completely destructive, grossly abused power and deregulation pitfalls that our current administration has put into action. I’d like to also note that McCain has been on board with the Bush/Cheany economic disaster 4 out of 5 times. A statistic that is absolutely unacceptable. 

 We are in this mess because there has been a war on the middle class. In my opinion abuse of power should be punished in a democracy. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link and an economy is not sound with hard working citizens living in poverty standards. There are many things that have lead to the financial collapse of our economy…  reckless and expensive blundered war strategies, fraudulent brokers and lenders, Credit companies that are unfair and have set up the system to keep the american people in debt, a tax system that supports the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer and with all of that going on our wages remain flat and the costs of basic necessities are increasing. 

 I have read Obama’s economic plan for getting this country back on track and if you haven’t yet compared McCain’s plan to Obama’s, you should!

These economic issues are crucial to 95% of our citizens. I am guessing as you read this, these issues are effecting you or loved ones right now.

please go to

To read Obamas plan on the most important subject in this election. No part of government works in a failed economic system.


 Whew, this is more typing then I though I was getting my self into this morning.


 On to the next issue I am deeply concerned about…. Our Environment and Energy issues.

We all know by now about global warming and our unhealthy environment for all on this earth. We can’t go on polluting our environment and expect it to clean itself. Can you believe how destructive our human footprint has become on this planet? Sometime I feel like we are all in shock or just don’t want to see it. I know you have seen the bumper sticker “Good Planets are hard to find” well it seems like such a simple concept but we actually need this planet to survive. It takes more then politicians regulating big oil and gross polluters. We must all be responsible for our own foot print. 


Pay attention to what you buy, where it is from and what will happen to it when you no longer need it, become more efficient with your own energy use and elect political leaders that can shape our country to be a beacon for a clean and efficient way of life. 


Beyond these reasons, there is also the fact that becoming energy sufficient and climbing above this oily grave, will make our national Security stronger and provide about 5 million green collared jobs! I have a feeling that will really jump start our economy and other countries will soon follow. Our children deserve a clean and healthy planet. I would also like to know that when my son is five or fifteen there will still be wildlife enjoy or study and clean oceans to play in or study. My son has wanted to be a scientist since he was two years old, really… it is all he talks about, haha.


I believe Obama cares as much as I do about the environment and I am excited to watch the changes be made and a reversal of this stick mess.



If you want to know more about Obama’s plan for Environment and Energy go to


 I also am concerned about our Homeland security, not in a “everyone is out to kill us” kind of way, but I am concerned with our ability to uphold our safety in a natural disaster, protect our selves from attacks of any kind, Keeping are water safe, our food supply safe, secure levees and improving our technology to be safe in a 21st century world.

We are far from being safe at home while we are fighting wars to collect enough fuel to use here at home because we have not set up a self efficient energy system here in America. On top of that when we become energy sufficient, we will not be sending millions of american dollars to the middle east. It seems so simple!

I look forward to the time when crooked politicians and big oil will not determine our homeland security. I am also looking forward to getting off the oil tit. It is time to stop milking this dirty oil and feeding it to our children.

By the way, we are no safer now after this on going war on terror, when our country is falling apart.


I love Obamas approach to regaining our Homeland security. You can read more about that here


 Of course I am concerned about our National Educational System. Another issue on the long list of failed programs and inadequate standards. I want to know that my son will get a good and competitive education! That is not to much to ask! This is America right? There are many children getting a poor education and statistics show that is the worst we have ever seen. This is especially apparent in low income areas and in minorities. We are supposed to be the land of opportunity for ALL. A good education is not a privilege either, in my book it is a right. We all pay taxes, we should all have an education that is not only good but also competitive internationally. In fact I would hope that our educational system in America would be above and beyond.

As a parent, I fully support Barack Obama’s stand and plan for improving our countries Educational system!

 If you want to know more and care about our children’s education you should check out his plan. Remember it is our children that will be making laws that will effect you in your later years of life. Wouldn’t you like a smart America?

see more here


  This blog is getting a little on the long side so I am going to wrap it up.

In short, I believe we need major changes in these areas

Economy, Environment, Energy Sufficiency  Homeland Security, Healthcare, Education, Foreign Policy, Defense, Poverty, Technology, Social Security, Veterans, issues protecting those with disabilities, Civil rights, Gay rights, Human right and last on my personal list but not last in importance… Women’s rights. A cause very dear to my heart and I will continue the fight for not only equality to all citizens but also my protection to reserve the right of Choice. 


 I support Obama and Biden because they “Get it” they see the state of our country with open & modern eyes and are rolling up their sleeves. I believe they know how to fix these problems and are ready to lead us out of this giant mess. This is a historical election and for the first time in my life I have hope that this country will be what I have dreamed it to be. I want to pass on this faith and hope to my son. I want him to be proud of his country too. I want him to feel safe, breath clean air, get a good education, have good healthcare, believe in equality and benefit from this great country where so many have fought and died to give us the rights in our democracy.

It is time to take back our country and do our part. Remember that it is “For The People-By The People” 

 So, I am rolling up my sleeves and ready to help recreate this beautiful country! I am voting for Barack Obama and Joe Biden because it is not only the change we need to survive but also the change I personally believe in.


xoxo Trisha Lurie