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A Thirsty Silence

She was waiting for his response, for some validation. Yet, secretly aware that she created him just to hurt herself.
Still, waiting just the same.
Hoping it might turn out different this time.
Hoping her beauty or charm would be the catalyst for a new game. A new love. A new kind of hurt.
Like a mosquito attracted to electric shock, she followed his smile down the forbidden hallway.
He’s a smooth mood talker. A beautiful mirage flashing his gorgeous body around like a politician on a winning streak. Painting pictures for her gaze, trapping her in the paint.
Now there is only silence, leaving her to lust alone, feel dirty alone. Feel the weight of their sin alone.
But, it never happened, they were never there.
Just another dry patch of sand in the desert holding no water, no answers, no relief.
In the end it’s only silence, thirsty silence.

~Trisha Lurie


So you want to paint your surfboard?

I made a little how-to video on my youtube on spray painting your surfboard 🙂

How to spray paint your surfboard with stencils, spraypaint and paint pens. A step by step guide to getting cool art on your board.
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Dead Beat

“DEAD BEAT” For all my rockers… a little music treat for this lovely wednesday. I have put up some of my new songs off the album on my soundcloud. Feel free to share and to buy the song on iTunes and Amazon, Google Play ext.

In fact go big and grab the whole album 🙂 here iTunes 

Click the link :)

Good morning! Here is a cool little music spotlight on my album today:) Check it out 🙂