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Salt Blue Kiss – my new lifestyle, art, surf, music and travel blog

Please join with me in this new adventure 🙂 Just click the lovely link below. It only takes one finger 😉 SALT BLUE KISS f_DSC_8332_bw

A new painting, an art show and a good cause..


I have this painting in this really special show/event this Sunday in Malibu at “An Angels Gala” to raise awareness and in support of Kay Angel Orphanage in Jacmel, Haiti for HIV positive children. Click link for more info
It will be a fun night of art, music, food drink overlooking the sea. Hope you can make it out  see you there if you do

101 With Trisha Lurie “How to paint your surfboard with paint pens” Video

Check out my newest how-to-video 🙂 ❤ More to come


It is my opinion that artist, musicians, writers etc.. have a social and spiritual obligation to be the voice of the people. We represent all the people of this world. Through music, art, literature, film, dance etc. we  connect all of  humanity. I ask all artist to stand up for what is right. Be the voice of the people…. Silence is a War Crime

My Latest Painting Set Free, Acrylic, Oil and Spray Paint on Canvas.

My Latest piece of art.

Doing a series of 10 of and then on tho the next one 🙂 If you are interested in buying please hit me up and Merry Christmas people xoxo

Painting_by_Trisha_Lurie_FreeOriginal 1of 10 of this series. I will be doing over time but each one is different as they are all hand done originals. Size 25 by19 inch. mIxed medium/ Spray paint and acrylic on hand made paper from Thailand. I am pricing it at $250 unframed. But will sell it for $280 framed and matted. I am only going to do 10 of this series and no prints, just originals 🙂