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Salt Blue Kiss – my new lifestyle, art, surf, music and travel blog

Please join with me in this new adventure 🙂 Just click the lovely link below. It only takes one finger 😉 SALT BLUE KISS f_DSC_8332_bw

A new painting, an art show and a good cause..


I have this painting in this really special show/event this Sunday in Malibu at “An Angels Gala” to raise awareness and in support of Kay Angel Orphanage in Jacmel, Haiti for HIV positive children. Click link for more info
It will be a fun night of art, music, food drink overlooking the sea. Hope you can make it out  see you there if you do

“SALTY AIR” A couple new shots from my shoot with Ray Gutierrez


Wrong Love – Trisha Lurie – Official Music Video

Official music video for Trisha Lurie’s new indie rock single “Wrong Love”. Music by Trisha Lurie and Pete Thorn. Video production and editing by Trisha Lurie.
Find Wrong Love on iTunes here
(also on googleplay, amazon,cdbaby etc.)
All performance video was shot with the ZOOM Q4



A Thirsty Silence

She was waiting for his response, for some validation. Yet, secretly aware that she created him just to hurt herself.
Still, waiting just the same.
Hoping it might turn out different this time.
Hoping her beauty or charm would be the catalyst for a new game. A new love. A new kind of hurt.
Like a mosquito attracted to electric shock, she followed his smile down the forbidden hallway.
He’s a smooth mood talker. A beautiful mirage flashing his gorgeous body around like a politician on a winning streak. Painting pictures for her gaze, trapping her in the paint.
Now there is only silence, leaving her to lust alone, feel dirty alone. Feel the weight of their sin alone.
But, it never happened, they were never there.
Just another dry patch of sand in the desert holding no water, no answers, no relief.
In the end it’s only silence, thirsty silence.

~Trisha Lurie

Trisha Lurie by Ray Gutierrez

f_DSC_0904_3crop f_DSC_0335_duocrop f_DSC_0840_2crop


Getting All Domestic

Making some organic gluten free Pumpkin and Apple Crumb PiesMaking some organic gluten free Pumpkin and Apple crumb pies

Getting all domestic and shit 🙂

Feeling pretty damn excited about this album and guilty about the cupcake.

I was up late last night researching management companies and how to get an independent artist page up on iTunes/Ping and the best ways to promote an independent debut album etc. All the while it’s 2am, my kid is fast asleep, I’m eating this giant, delicious, gluten-free cupcake all by myself and my date for the night is my iPad….it was then I realized, two things. One, it’s apparent I live alone since I would never pig out on a cupcake at 2am if anyone was watching and two, I actually have an album that is getting mixed and in a short time I’m going to have a bonafide, debut full on rock album on the market! One that I am proud of and feeling really lucky to have almost finished. If you would have told me, one year ago, that I was going to do a fundraiser to get an album made with amazing musicians like Pete Thorn, Blair Sinta, Jon Button, Erik Eldenius, Mike Ruggirello, Bill Delia and Engineer/mixer like Bob Clearmountain…..I would have not believed you. But, with the support of really dear friends and fans I was able to get enough funding to get started on something I have wanted to do since I was a little girl. Of course this album is costing more than I expected or raised but that is how the cookie crumbles. There is no way I could have done it without Pete though! I am so lucky that he produced, played and co-wrote this thing with me. I couldn’t ask for more and feel completely honored that everyone involved wanted to make this album with me.
Now it’s time for me to make them proud to have done this with me. Also everyone that helped me fund this by pre-ordering the album, shirts, art etc. I want to make you guys proud to have been a part of making this album possible too! My next job is to get really, really good P.R and a real management team behind me to get this shit out there! As soon as its finished getting mixed by Clearmountain and mastered by Ross Nyberg, my goal is to release it and promote it in the best way possible. As we all know, it is hard to be a successful independent or any kind of artist these days. I am open to a label major or independent to take it to the next level and I hope something like that will come to fruition with some good promotion and management.
So, now it’s a whole new game for me…. I’ve got this product, now what 🙂
As promised, everyone who donated will be getting the album as soon as it’s finished and before it’s available on the market as well as all the rewards you chose. Please be patient with me as dive into the giant process of fulfilling everyone’s rewards at the same time releasing and promoting an album, oh yeah and playing the roll of a single momma in LA, and coming up with money to pay my bills, haha, I’ve been a busy lady. I really do want everyone that has been a part of making this happen to know how thankful I am! This really has been a dream come true. And to everyone else who is waiting on the album, it will be out as soon as I have a game winning promotion plan 🙂 Trust me, I can’t wait to launch this thing.
So, that’s it for my album update.. Stay tuned 🙂
P.S. If you are or know any amazing, music managers, P.R or any other media outlet that could be helpful to make this a success… please feel free to let me know!
Thanks for your love and support! xo Trisha

Check it out on iTunes

I’ve been recording at Berkeley St. Studios with Clearmountain, Pete Thorn and some kick ass players like Blair Sinta, Jon Button and Erik Eldenius, here are some photos

I wanted to have a photographer come in and get some really cool shots but that didn’t really work out so here are a few from the phone 🙂 haha this is the making of my debut album “Romancing Neptune” fun times! Lucky for me, photos or not, I am working with Bob Clearmountain ( google if you don’t know already :), Pete Thorn (Chris Cornell, Don Henley, Melissa Etheridge, Courtney Love, Draco, Five For Fighting, etc.),  Blair Sinta (Alanis Morissette, Pedestrian, Melissa Etheridge, etc.)  Jon Button (Shakira, Corrs, Michelle Branch, Roger Daltrey, Sharyl Crow etc.)  Erik Eldenius (Dilana, Billy Idol, Donna Summer, etc.) and of course myself. making sexy rock and roll!

From my ‘In the Tub’ Coffee Table Book Shoot with TJ Scott

From my ‘In the Tub’ Coffee Table Book Shoot with TJ Scott (Profits to Breast Cancer Research)
She Curled Into It

A New Shoot With Ray Gutierrez :)


My new guitar.. so I can rock it with my awesome band Romancing Neptune

My new guitar.. so I can rock it with my awesome band Romancing Neptune

Here is my latest piece.. I painted my Suhr Guitar this week… I am so excited to play her! I can’t wait to see it put together!
I love making art and I love making music.. so this is just so much fun for me..


Romancing Neptune

Romancing Neptune

Our last show… next one to be posted this week 🙂

My band Romancing Neptune is playing the Viper Room

So my band is playing the Viper Room. I am really excited to play there. I have been going to rock shows there since I was in high school but have never played there with my own band. Romancing Neptune is like my baby, I am super dedicated to it’s life and growth. any way bla bla bla.. I can’t wait. So if you are in Hollywood Sunday the 9th, please come out and support some Rock and Roll!!! Xoxo t


New Photos By Simon Thorpe

Last nights gig at the House of Blues

Well, last night was fun… I managed to pull the gig off even though the fuse in the amp blew minutes before my set started. Of course there weren’t any spares so..out of luck there, lesson learned! I had to run my guitars through the PA and take what I could get. At first I got  a little nervous thinking “oh my god, what the hell kind of noise am I going to subject all these people to!” then I figured I would just have to improv a bit and make the best lemon aid I can. As I said before in another blog, I am learning how to flush out the bugs as I go, paying my dues… that way later on I will not make the same mistakes when the stakes are higher. But, no matter what ~ shit happens~ it’s how you deal with it that counts. The show must go on, people don’t pay good money to watch you fuss. There were times in my set where I could hardly stand the noise I was making but, I could see everyone smiling and dancing so, I just shut my brain off and sang my ass off.

Bill of course like always rocked it out, beating away like a heart beat running through our set keeping everything in line. I love him!

I feel kind of weird now, like hmm it’s all over… now what. Need to set up another gig. I thought I wouldn’t play today because I exhausted my self yesterday but I am already craving the guitar … I guess I will go practice some more.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out for the gig, it means a lot to me. Making and sharing my music is one of the most important things in life so, it feels amazing to have support and love when I’m up there feeling naked and raw giving every ounce I’ve got, so yes… thank you!

Trisha Lurie and Bill Delia at the House of Blues, Foundation Room next Sat night. 4-2-11

Trisha Lurie and Bill Delia at the House of Blues, Foundation Room next Sat night. 4-2-11 @ 10:30
I am happy to say that I will be playing in the (cool and eclectic) Foundation Room Saturday April 2nd at 10:30 pm. The amazing drummer Bill Delia will be beating the cajon and I will be doing my best to rock out. Looks like I have a 45min-hour set. so that is good 🙂 I will be able to play a good collection of my songs. There is great food and drink so come early and hang out. There is a great band before and after me 🙂
My Sister and her band, Dirty Birdy, played here recently and I had such a good time. I am looking forward to it.. I hope everyone can make it out and have a good time. I would love to be asked back to play again.. so, hopefully there will be a good turn out and I wont suck, haha.
Let me know if you want tickets. they are $10 dollars. You can grab them now or at the door. I will have someone with the remaining tickets at the door the night of the show, but I would love to know if you are going to make it… Anyway with that said, Have a great day!
xoxo Trisha

My Latest Painting Set Free, Acrylic, Oil and Spray Paint on Canvas.

My Latest piece of art.

Doing a series of 10 of and then on tho the next one 🙂 If you are interested in buying please hit me up and Merry Christmas people xoxo

Painting_by_Trisha_Lurie_FreeOriginal 1of 10 of this series. I will be doing over time but each one is different as they are all hand done originals. Size 25 by19 inch. mIxed medium/ Spray paint and acrylic on hand made paper from Thailand. I am pricing it at $250 unframed. But will sell it for $280 framed and matted. I am only going to do 10 of this series and no prints, just originals 🙂

This morning in Venice, a photo blog

This morning on a quest for good waves, I found myself  wondering around the streets and allies of Venice Beach. Armed with an ipod and a pocket camera I began shooting away…

Venice Skate park

Random facts about me :)

trisha Lurie

photo Sean Hartgrove

1. I love with all my heart, almost to a fault, but refuse to stop, no matter how much that can hurt.
2. Love being warm
3. Eating pretzels right now
4.  I am part Cherokee
5. Want to live in Spain for a year one day and learn how to speak perfect Spanish
6. Think that traveling is the greatest form of learning and growing
7. Love to speed and never get tickets 😉 knock on wood!
8. Feel bad about speeding and slow down…
9. Want to make music the rest of my life
10. Feel music in every inch of my soul and couldn’t live with out it.
11. When I love, it is as deep as the sea.
12. Believe that the deepest level of love comes from pure unconditional love
13. Love being a mommy
14. Will give everything I can to those I love
15. Have a thing for crows
16. If I have another child want to name him or her Raven 🙂
16. Hate cardboard and the feeling of newspaper
17. I love the sound of windshield whippers
18. Prefer to write when it is raining
19. Think that plastic bags should be illegal
20. Believe in true love and believe I will find mine!
21. Think a picnic is the most romantic thing ever…
22. I love Yerba Matte
23. Still don’t like to say “Tall” or “Grande” for a coffee and completely addicted
24. Believe that we can turn our environmentally destructive ways around
25. Love long baths
26. Love a good massage even more
27. Will never have enough shoes
28. Love antiques
29. Love sand in between my toes
30. Lived on Oahu for a couple years
31. Miss it a lot
32. Want to have a home in Costa Rica with a recording studio
33. Want to live 1/2 the year there
34. Love camping
35. Love to meditate
36. Believe in the law of attraction
37. Super confident about who I am
38. Love odd numbers
39. Have a thing for yellow roses
40. and the smell of Gardenias
41. love to research
42. Have the coolest Family…. ever
43. I like dark chocolate with chilies in it
44. Love chewy brownies
45. Love Sushi! love love love it
46. Wish more people smiled
47. Need a tan right now
48. Love the show Dexter and true blood
49. I am a little psychic, maybe a lot.
50. Believe that all things have energy and a frequency
51. Wanted to be a weather reporter when I was little
52. Wish that I was surfing right now
53. Feel like a fish in the water
54. love learning something new ever day
55. LOVE Christmas… love it
56. Love cooking and baking
57. hate doing dishes
58. But love having a clean happy home
59. Love my friends… feel really lucky to have them
60. Favorite color is black
61. Like green too
62. Like the idea of soul mates
63. Want to get married one day
64. Think I deserve the best and wont settle
65. Want to teach my son that he deserves the best
66. Think that being a mother is the most important thing I do.
67. Hope I am doing a good job
68. believe my dreams will come true
69. Even the giant ones…
70. love the way seagulls cry
72. Love the sound of ships on a foggy morning
73. Think catching a wave is a beautiful gift from the sea
74. Want to do my part to protect our oceans
75. Want to protect the environment for our children
76. Believe there is no punishment great enough for those who hurt children
77. Would die for my son
78. feel like the luckiest mom on earth
79. Talk to much
80. Still get butterflies like a little girl when I am excited
81. Think I can live to 150 yrs. old
82. Might be an alien
83. Hate racism
84. Believe all men, women and children are equal no matter what race, sexual preference, age and amount of material objects they have collected or money they slave to.
85. Can have a food orgasm and a music orgasm… not kidding
86. Love all orgasms
87. Want to learn how to hang glide
88. Love to paint
89. Should paint more
90. Wish I didn’t have to sleep
91. Have a hard time falling a sleep because I have so much I want to do.
92. Love the feeling of sleeping once I give in 🙂
93. Still believe in Fairy Tales…
94. Super Sexual
95. Think making love is so beautiful and special.
96. Feel beautiful when I wake up, know my beauty has Nothing to do with the way I look.
97. Feel lucky and happy for every day
98. Only want to surround my self with people who feel the same way
99. Happy that I am who I am… no matter the hardships it took to make me who I am.
100. Still learning how to forgive.